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Payment, deposits and shipping

Payment methods accepted

  • Cash is always accepted and preferred.

  • Paypal- 3% convenience fee added to balance being sent(

  • Cash App (ask me for my CashTag$).

  • Direct wire transfer to my account

  • Overnight mail payments with tracking #(cashier's check or money order), must have time to clear before the puppy leaves.


A puppy can be held with a deposit(24 hour hold is placed when you tell me you definitely want the puppy, there is NO HOLD on a puppy, unless you have committed to sending a deposit and will be sending it within the 24 hour time frame).  The deposit is non-refundable , and non-transferable, if you are unable/unwilling to follow through with purchasing the chosen puppy.  When you place a deposit, the puppy is taken off the market, and any other interested parties are turned away, so if I have to relist them, I may have already lost other great homes for that baby.   If something should happen to the puppy in my care, or become unsuitable for sale for any reason, the deposit is refunded or transferred to another available puppy.

Deposit amount is $300 on puppies $1,000 or less.

Deposit amount is $500 on puppies over $1,000

If the puppy is over 9 weeks old, full balance is due, unless discussed otherwise in advance.

If you are unable to pay the balance due for your puppy by 10 weeks of age, he/she will go back up for sale, and you will lose your deposit.  All shipping charges must be paid in advance, if the puppy will be traveling to you by airline.

Shipping Arrangements


Airline shipping is possible to some airports, but due to American Airlines being the only airline shipping pets right now, my options are limited.  Summer months will be nearly impossible to ship, once temps start getting over 85 degrees in many locations.  Shipping expenses have went up since 2020, and are now $400-475 (subject to change without notice), this is if your puppy travels alone via climate controlled cargo on passenger planes only, which is very safe, I've been shipping my puppies this way for many years.  This price includes a new crate for your puppy, and a health certificate for travel.

Flight arrangements are handled by me.  There are many rules and regulations for shipping puppies to ensure their safety, so therefore not all flights accommodate pets, so I have to look at flights and call an agent to be sure there is a suitable flight to the airport you choose.  The best flight for the puppy may not be the most convenient for you, I try to choose the shortest flight possible for the puppy.  All airplanes used for pets are climate controlled for the puppies.  

If you wish to fly to me to get your puppy, I will meet at JLN for free(local airport), but there is a $75 fee added for me to meet you at another airport, as I am 3-4 hours round trip from the other airport options.  I can recommend a safe travel carrier, if you plan to use this method to get your new baby home.  If you want to look at flights, my nearest airports, BESIDES for Joplin are Springfield, MO (SGF), Fayetteville, AR (XNA) and Tulsa, OK (TUL).

Picking your puppy up in person

You are welcome to pick up your new puppy in person.  I do meet in public locations for the safety of me and my animals.  I can meet up to 30 minutes of my home at no charge, or up to 1  hour for a $50 fee.

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