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Collette x Casanova

DOB 12-31-22
Collette & Casanova made the cuties little babies.  They are both so sweet, outgoing and friendly.  I just adore both of them, and know they'll make fabulous pets.

casanova (6).jpg


Estimated adult weight 4-5 lb

This little guy is so adorable, and just the sweetest little guy.  He has a happy go lucky personality.

He is $1500 limited AKC/neuter agreement


Estimated adult weight 5 lb

Skylar is so adorable & sweet.  She is happy go lucky, and loves attention.  She has the cutest little baby face.  She is a blue fawn & white, but the blue/silver color usually fades a lot as they get older.

She is $2800 limited AKC/pet only

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