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Arwen X Tator Tot
DOB 10-28-22
This litter is very playful, and sweet.  They can be a little reserved at first, but that doesn't last long.  3 from this litter ended up being pet quality, which happens sometimes.  They will still make beautiful, healthy pets.  I have reduced prices on these 3 puppies, due to their age.  They are not leftovers, this is the first time I have advertised them.  They still act very much like playful, happy puppies.

tatertot (6)_edited.jpg

Estimated adult weight: 5-6 lb
dark cream long coat

Shiloh is an adorable little guy with a super cute apple head.  He can be standoffish if anything makes him uncomfortable, but he would do wonderful in a quieter home, as he is very sweet & loving.  Shiloh does have a bad bite where his teeth don't align properly, so he is pet quality.  It doesn't affect his eating at all.  His price reflects his quality and the fact he is a little older puppy now.  He is starting the in between puppy & adult coat phase, so his puppy "fluff" is mostly gone, but he'll get a beautiful coat, as an adult.


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