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Ruby x Casanova

DOB 1-3-23
Ruby & Casanova made 5 gorgeous puppies!  These babies have been so much fun to watch grow.  They are super friendly, happy, and they love to play.  The one little boy is the quiet one of the bunch, but I think once his sisters aren't around to pick on him, he'll come out of his shell a lot.

casanova (6).jpg


Estimated adult weight 4-5 lb

Wolfie is such a darling little guy.  He is a super dark red sable.  Most sables lose a lot of their black hairs as they get older, but I think he will surely keep a lot of his darker hairs, although I can't say for sure.  This little guy is soft and sweet.  He can be a little shy, if he is unsure of someone or something.  I do prefer an adult home with someone who has previous experience with smaller chis, as he does still have a couple areas on his head that are soft.  They should close more with age, but it does make him more fragile.  He was quite a bit smaller than his sisters, but he has caught up a lot lately, and is close to the same size as them.

He is $1500 limited AKC/neuter agreement


Estimated adult weight 6 lb

Carmine is a darling, sweet little girl.  She has a beautiful, sweet face, and a personality to match.  She did have a small umbilical hernia, which I decided to have my vet repair, so it is no longer an issue.  She will make a beautiful, loving pet.  She is playful, but also gentle.

She is $1500 limited AKC/pet only


Estimated adult weight 5-6 lb

Suri is a funny, happy girl that is full of herself.  This girl has long legs, and the cutest little face.  She loves to play, and has a ball wresting with her siblings.  She will make a wonderful pet.  Her markings are super cute and unique, but they will likely change some as she gets older, so I don't know if she'll keep the darker areas.

She is $1200 limited AKC with a spay agreement.


Estimated adult weight 6 lb

Foxy is a gorgeous, feisty little thing.  She definitely rules the roost in her litter.  I had really hoped to keep her, but she has a slight underbite, so she will be best suited for a pet home.  It does not affect her eating or health in any way.

She is $1800 limited AKC with a spay agreement.

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