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Stella X Fonzie

DOB 12-12-22
Fonzie and Stella made absolutely gorgeous puppies.  They are all very sweet, and as loving as can be.  They do love to play, but they are soft/gentle natured, overall.  I have owned several generations on both sides of the parents, and these puppies really have great lineage behind them for beauty and brains.



Estimated adult weight 8 lb

cream & white long coat
Apollo is Mr fluffy himself.  He is a beautiful little ball of fur.  He is super sweet, friendly & playful.  He is a bit chunky already, but I don't expect him to stay super small, either.  He will make someone a gorgeous pet, especially someone looking for a baby that will have a lot of coat later.  I need to take new photos of Fonzie, because he has his daddy's coat.


$1000 limited AKC/neuter agreement

Estimated adult weight: 5-6 lb
cream spotted long coat

I have to say that it is very hard for me to offer this baby girl at all.  She reminds me so much of several of her ancestors that have made such an impact on my breeding program, and my heart.  With that said, she isn't necessarily super small, but she is the smallest in the litter, so I am giving her a chance to find a pet only home.  I do plan to keep her or Diva, so once I have a deposit on one, the other will no longer be available.  Yes, her price is higher, because she is just about perfect in my eyes.  She is sweet & just gorgeous.
$2500 limited AKC/spay agreement
$3200 full AKC to approved home.

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