Welcome to Halo Chihuahuas!  I am a breeder of top quality, AKC champion bloodline chihuahuas in long and smooth coats.  My love affair with Chihuahuas started when I was 10 years old, over 20 years ago now.  I have always had an eye for quality, and have learned so much about the breed in my years of experience.  My passion has been to produce flashy colors and markings with the beautiful apple head and short muzzle.  Temperament and health are a top priority.  I hope when you view my Chihuahuas, you can see the many years of hard work and dedication I have put in.

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I decided to get back into raising French Bulldogs, as I had a few back in 2008-2010, and kept finding myself wanting to have them again, please feel free to check out my Frenchie website at-