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Darcy X Fonzie

DOB 12-14-22
Darcy had 5 beautiful boys, and 1 beautiful girl.  These puppies are all very outgoing, and happy personalities.  They are all very full coated right now, especially a few of the boys.  They will probably need a little more time with grooming than a lot of my long coats would.  I know a lot of people love the heavier coats, and it is super cute.


Estimated adult weight 7 lb

Wow, this guy is just gorgeous.  I love his dark chocolate color and flashy markings.  He is also super sweet & outgoing.

He is $1500 limited AKC/neuter agreement


Estimated adult weight 6-7 lb

Do they really come much cuter than this?  I know I am partial, because I just love chocolate tris and always have, plus Koda has the sweetest baby face, too.  He is looking for a lap to claim as his.

He is $1500 limited AKC/neuter agreement


Estimated adult weight 7-8 lb

Ziggy reminds me so much of a tiny border collie with his color and markings.  He is just so cute, and has a great personality to go with his cute looks.  He will make someone a great pet.

He is $1200 limited AKC/neuter agreement


Estimated adult weight 7-8 lb

Kobe is striking with his color and markings.  He is the one in the litter that seems to kind of sit back and wait his turn, while the others are fighting for attention.  I think he is very smart, and someone will enjoy his companionship for many years to come.

He is $1500 limited AKC/neuter agreement


Estimated adult weight 7-8 lb

Not only is Frida super adorable and flashy, she has a great personality, too.  She isn't afraid to let her brothers know that girls rule, and boys drool. lol  She is a sweet girl, with a little queen bee attitude.  She'd love to be queen of your couch.  She does have an underbite, which does not affect her health at all, just a conformation flaw.

She is $1200 limited AKC/spay agreement


This is Cosmo and I am just showing him off as part of the litter.  If all goes as planned, he will be a future stud here, therefore he is not for sale.

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